Nostalgia = Transcendence Toeti Heraty Nostalgia is transcendence, yes, it’s another play on words and foreign words at that but everything is foreign now everything is an illusion let’s get back to nostalgia it is also, a loss, shadows in our memory which have lost their terror, irony has pillowed them the present in flashbackContinue reading “sepasang”

Honesty is like a title

this is gonna be more abstract than the usual. it’s gonna be about feelings. or maybe it won’t be, more abstract or about feelings. see if i actually know what i really want. i had just finished watching nip/tuck, season 4. it took me a whole weekend. it ended with a lip-synced medley by theContinue reading “Honesty is like a title”

art has always been a matter for the real few

and by that i mean the stinking rich. sekilas saja, selain blog yang bisa dibuat siapa saja yang ahli IT kantornya tidak terlalu reseh, mungkin satu-satunya hal yang mungkin baru, paling tidak jadi lebih banyak bisa dilihat di rak-rak aksara dan qb (rip), seperti pernah aku singgung di posting sebelumnya, adalah buku-buku indonesia, entah pengarangnyaContinue reading “art has always been a matter for the real few”

Going for a Jog in Menteng: One Morning

Toeti Heraty     Ah, morning jogs in in the city no need for a map, won’t do me any good— they’ve changed the names of the streets again. they’ll soon run out of names of war heroes streets and alleys, the veins of the city messages and promises that never go anywhere, aortas passingContinue reading “Going for a Jog in Menteng: One Morning”

Song for a Good-Hearted Woman Before Her Fiftieth Birthday

Toeti Heraty   A motel in Kampung Bali a little upmarket, the sign says “Wisma” a woman nearly fifty, waiting for his lover inside a room, three-thousand rupiah a night. Stuffy. The ceiling fan’s broken again grey mold inside the bathtub, but the water is clean. Yellow plastic ladle, blue bedsheet, grimes on the wallContinue reading “Song for a Good-Hearted Woman Before Her Fiftieth Birthday”