art bitch

sumtimes methinks my progress as a poet (yakali) has been severely curtailed/put to a deadstop by my addiction to good conversations. i’ve met some amazing artists, dancers, poets, trapeze artists, and some of them are such boring conversationalists but they produce such amazing work! i feel only despair when later on i find their amazingContinue reading “art bitch”

art has always been a matter for the real few

and by that i mean the stinking rich. sekilas saja, selain blog yang bisa dibuat siapa saja yang ahli IT kantornya tidak terlalu reseh, mungkin satu-satunya hal yang mungkin baru, paling tidak jadi lebih banyak bisa dilihat di rak-rak aksara dan qb (rip), seperti pernah aku singgung di posting sebelumnya, adalah buku-buku indonesia, entah pengarangnyaContinue reading “art has always been a matter for the real few”


seperti ini misalnya: Monday, July 02, 2007 memulung Interesting Times Last updated less than one minute ago —>learnedly and single-handedly transforming the map of Anglo-American poetry Make me popular! is a leitmotif “Till death do us part.” Total bullshit. “We’ll be together forever.” Fuck you! Bungaaaa is in your overextended network ’nuair dh’ēireas mi’s tuContinue reading “copyleft*”