Nostalgia = Transcendence Toeti Heraty Nostalgia is transcendence, yes, it’s another play on words and foreign words at that but everything is foreign now everything is an illusion let’s get back to nostalgia it is also, a loss, shadows in our memory which have lost their terror, irony has pillowed them the present in flashbackContinue reading “sepasang”

the c so beautiful

’tis like when achilleus gave away his body armour to patroclus and he had to make do with odysseus’ ill-fitting loincloth. i can no longer walk through your garden in my own shoes. what’s left is a shed full of half-finished canvasses of happiness with dainty little clouds rolling in. ’tis like when the ironmongerContinue reading “the c so beautiful”

it’s a read-off!

i’m reading several books at once. i digress a lot when i talk to people, when i write, so why not when i read? it’s not like i haven’t been doing it all my life anyway. but i met jj for lunch at tim and he told me he’s writing 18 books all at onceContinue reading “it’s a read-off!”

apakah aku berada di mars atau mereka mengundang orang mars?

pergi ke rak sastra di gramedia. apa yang kau jumpai di sana? novel, puisi, novel, cerpen, puisi. kalau inilah ‘sastra indonesia’, rasanya tiga rak memang sudah cukup. hahaha. bagaimana dengan lirik lagu? catatan perjalanan? esei yang bukan tentang pramoedya? resensi film? ‘walau kamu / tak semancung / gunung-gunung / di belahan bumi pertiwi / uuuContinue reading “apakah aku berada di mars atau mereka mengundang orang mars?”