Nostalgia = Transcendence Toeti Heraty Nostalgia is transcendence, yes, it’s another play on words and foreign words at that but everything is foreign now everything is an illusion let’s get back to nostalgia it is also, a loss, shadows in our memory which have lost their terror, irony has pillowed them the present in flashbackContinue reading “sepasang”

‘Tis clear thou art a loon

The aim of yer chosen passage Of charming masks and bergamots The joy of Lot and a quasi-dance The sadness of yer fantastic disguise Chant in yer minor mode! Love is vain and life opportunistic! The air, the cross, the magic hour The son & a mêlée on the moon The calm air on theContinue reading “‘Tis clear thou art a loon”

One Afternoon Before the War*

Ah! I see what you’ve got in your hands an afternoon in the world of LAN a sealed blue radio (The night returns for an encore inside a tomb.) Pray for finesse, on the branch of the arborio strip it, sing it, fake it come, wing it, into the river! Note down: three pigeons diveContinue reading “One Afternoon Before the War*”

gadis winnipeg*

i deliberately bought a return ticket to the pages of a novel you once bought me. i could still see the historical digs of the Story of Us inside those pages, neatly laid out in a conservation site, as if the corrupt regional governments of my country will never run out of foreign funding. inContinue reading “gadis winnipeg*”

the devil’s karaoke*

the song of the devil screams and echoes all through the country and zombies in masks of newborn babies dance and party under a moon the colour of fire. the smell of burning fresh human flesh rotten gas blood and tears like a shroud of thick poisonous clouds hot air burning your lungs and treesContinue reading “the devil’s karaoke*”


: Oka Segara and then in these woods is there anything greener than a woman’s cambium radiance a single leaf drifted to the ground a bloodless wound in the tree dew on the surface of the leaf as salty as river sand the language of life eternal and immovable : how deep do roots goContinue reading “Sinta*”

Eternal siesta*

A blank sojourn in June amongst the trotters. My soul lit, prostrate within my rapture (Close the riddle of the banks, over the rain, pure), I rail against the denouncement of ecstasy and verse. One relents enervated, expiring on the boudoir Prominent on my leave to the absurd Come with a piano voicing rave unmeasured,Continue reading “Eternal siesta*”

Tuti Artic (Google Translate version 1)

Between now and later happy canyon agape, Adikku a lick ice artic delicacy; Cintaku you this afternoon, with kuhiasi susu + coca cola Isteriku in practice: we stop berdetik hours. You’re smart bercium correct, there are scratches live feel – When we are cycling kuantar you go home — Hot blood, you really made theContinue reading “Tuti Artic (Google Translate version 1)”

Tuti Artic

Between happiness now, and happiness tomorrow: a vast canyon beckons I watch you smile as you lick your Artic ice-block; Let these cream puffs + Coca Cola decorate my love for you, My future wife: stop the tickling of the clock. You are an excellent kisser already, I can still feel your lips on mineContinue reading “Tuti Artic”

(Untitled – a fragment from Ida Ayu Oka Suwati Sideman’s Durawati)

at dawn single-striped footsoldiers banged drums did the heroes’s chariots in bright-coloured flags it’s near dusk now horses are trotting home, riderless a spear in the back of a chariot the flags down to half-mast From Ida Ayu Oka Suwati Sideman’s Durawati, stored for eternity here.