three pears rot in a metal bowl. i’ve stopped washing my rice. i wish estraven had made it across the snow bog. some pages you just don’t understand. a distal phalanx gives you an entire universe. it was my fault/i forgive you. i do not forgive you. how many stars? how many ways of beingContinue reading “select”


after a great pooling/unspooling of energy, the room tried to contain xerxes, music in hyper slo-mo, no music but the afternoon light, propeller blades bouncing off each other. listen to intelligent, oversmart/obtuse, dance music. what do you do exactly when you reappropriate the ancients? after a great pooling/unspooling of energy, a hand gesture there, aContinue reading “cultuurstelsel”

canto cxviii (i forget the most important things)

#15, jakarta   in medias what res ? ‘i am happiest when i follow how things sound.’ — im startin to get patterns tics repetitions the ferris wheeloff yr mindi get you cherry cherry cola i get you lil raccoon of my hearth in 1876 Rimbaud set sail for Java in August Batavia flayed his boots along MolenvlietContinue reading “canto cxviii (i forget the most important things)”


buat Edo droning, skipping, chk-chk-chk-ing, you klip-klop dawns and discos, notwithstanding calamus and pitiful dragons, brandishing swords and falujas, quizzing folks on brixton, idm and vaka. oozing black roses, you catapult pentatonic notes up to heaven, realizing just how much quizzing faiths sap your strength, how much quixotic flair it takes to swallow the moon.Continue reading “safaristi”