when you start to get not an idea, but this feeling of, i know i’m feeling anxious because i’m going to write something in the next week or month, i don’t know when, but i’m going to write something, i can feel it, but i don’t know what it is yet, and there’s nothing iContinue reading “strike”

nanophone daze

it’s not like i like writing poetry. it’s not like i can. but what else have i got over you? not even that. you’re more poetic than i’ll ever be. you’ve experienced more of this hell on earth than i. you have visited 110% of the countries in the world! your map is made upContinue reading “nanophone daze”

Honesty is like a title

this is gonna be more abstract than the usual. it’s gonna be about feelings. or maybe it won’t be, more abstract or about feelings. see if i actually know what i really want. i had just finished watching nip/tuck, season 4. it took me a whole weekend. it ended with a lip-synced medley by theContinue reading “Honesty is like a title”


hellohurt if i stare at the computer screen for a very, very long time say, all night would your name suddenly pop up in the morning and suppose it does would a simple “hello” hurt? posted by holiday_sendiri @ 2/26/2007 05:43:00 AM 4 comments baiklah, aku akan mulai dengan ini saja dulu hols. mungkin karenaContinue reading “yohurt”

kepal terbang

dia ingin sedih seperti lorrie. tetap menebar canda dan membuat orang lain tertawa terpingkal-pingkal biar sebuah pemakaman sedang berlangsung di dadanya. you’re funny. aren’t i just. sambil mengerlingkan mata dan menuangkan lagi sesekop tanah ke atas peti yang mengkilat di bawah. tapi dia, dia hanya menggantungkan satu lagi t-shirt hitam basah di ujung-ujung bulu matanyaContinue reading “kepal terbang”