makmal bah!

correspondances instalasi abbas kiarostami & victor erice  dilihat di: centre pompidou, paris, late 2007 dulu waktu kecil gue bisa ingat nama personil band favorit gue. sampai sekarang pun gue masih ingat. coba, poison: rikki rockett, bret michaels, c.c. deville, bobby dall. baru aja gue cek ke wikipedia bahkan spelling rikki rockett gue pun gak adaContinue reading “makmal bah!”

Honesty is like a title

this is gonna be more abstract than the usual. it’s gonna be about feelings. or maybe it won’t be, more abstract or about feelings. see if i actually know what i really want. i had just finished watching nip/tuck, season 4. it took me a whole weekend. it ended with a lip-synced medley by theContinue reading “Honesty is like a title”