An(n)a Kar(en)ina

pour Edo Wallad   kau orang sunda, bahasamu seperti burung bernyanyi di pucuk angsana pohon penyembuh segala, masih tersisa satu di pojok kota tua ingatkah dulu waktu kita sering nongkrong di pinggir molenvliet mengenang rimbaud dan sepatu yang lepas kulitnya, liburan di pusuk buhit di sini kita hanya punya gunung salak, senja di beranda denganContinue reading “An(n)a Kar(en)ina”


last nite i w as feel in gsa d so i texted a great poet i said: dear goD do you think, if i haven’t really suffered if basically i’ve lived a spoiled and                          TOTALLY pampered life is there still a chance that sometimes at least iContinue reading “totally”

Their City Jakarta*

*aeons ago i joined the Asia Blogging Network when they promised me free space on their ‘My City Blogging Channel’ to write whatever i wanted about jakarta. whatever ! my city ! ha ! the followings are writings i did for them that they subsequently unilaterally without any prior or after the fact notification tookContinue reading “Their City Jakarta*”

everyone else has had more sex than me ooo ooo

i was walking along a canal in 2003 and i saw a poster for ‘morrissey live in concert’ plastered at the back of a gondola, and that was the first time i realised ‘live’ is just evil spelled backwards. i was reading badai pasti berlalu two weeks ago and i got to page 343 andContinue reading “everyone else has had more sex than me ooo ooo”

it’s a read-off!

i’m reading several books at once. i digress a lot when i talk to people, when i write, so why not when i read? it’s not like i haven’t been doing it all my life anyway. but i met jj for lunch at tim and he told me he’s writing 18 books all at onceContinue reading “it’s a read-off!”