Their City Jakarta*

*aeons ago i joined the Asia Blogging Network when they promised me free space on their ‘My City Blogging Channel’ to write whatever i wanted about jakarta. whatever ! my city ! ha ! the followings are writings i did for them that they subsequently unilaterally without any prior or after the fact notification took off the blog and labeled ‘private’, true stories about this city that you proles can never ever read. until now :


Private: no time 4 verse
Oleh mikael_johani January 14th, 2008 pukul 12:14 pm

manymoonsagoafterpitchersofheinekenandplatesoftacosatchilisstadium! cheapesexorbitantnomineralwaterthreehourslater: therooftopof mangga besar!

a tiny room with a 10-inch polytron, prayermatscoveredinimentoswrappers, t h   e n     e       on G L   O R    Y rimbaud had not the chance to see.*

*arthur rimbaud visited batavia in early august-early december 1876 as an enlister in the dutch colonial army.

Private: radit hearts jani not
Oleh mikael_johani January 14th, 2008 pukul 12:06 pm

in the year 2058 people will ask:

whatever happened to janis leopard print boots?

how could anyone decipher vino gs glottal shouts?

the green velvet seats in the second hand japanese buses look pretty though

and the early morning sunshine on faharanis face as she thought of

future ice cream dates at dilapidated cikini bodega hang outs

—free wi fi

makes you think

this city is all sweetness and lite

when theres no desire left in you

to stand up and fight.


Private: bermain layang layang di taman kompleks penuh kambing kambing kecil mencari makan di hari pertama 2008
Oleh mikael_johani January 14th, 2008 pukul 11:54 am

benang gelas diulurkan

damai dikuburkan

– the rest of the writings i did for them, that they deemed public enough !, fuckin police state !, you can still enjoy here, aren’t i nice still linking them, handing them more traffic they don’t deserve and when they’ve for all intents and purposes put the brakes on me !

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