everyone else has had more sex than me ooo ooo

i was walking along a canal in 2003 and i saw a poster for ‘morrissey live in concert’ plastered at the back of a gondola, and that was the first time i realised ‘live’ is just evil spelled backwards.

i was reading badai pasti berlalu two weeks ago and i got to page 343 and i thought yes, but when?

i was listening to sandie shaw the other day, her singing a song morrissey wrote for her ‘please help the cause against loneliness’, and i was thinking the song was released in 1988, how much money has she raised by now?

i was in the moshpit at a flaming lips concert the soft bulletin tour with grown men and women in bunny suits balloons unlimited supply of acid and i was thinking the mere concept of this spectacle is too heavy for superman to lift.

i was on top of monas one day and i looked out towards the direction of your house and i thought if could still see the curvature of the earth then at least that means i have not grown too disillusioned with life. yet.

i was listening to the smiths’ asleep and i was thinking this song is not funny like all the others, ‘there is a better place, there must be …’, really, moz?

i was reading rimbaud one morning and i thought perhaps if you never told me that poets only earn 3000 dollars a year (if that!) i would never have left you to become one.

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