Aphrodite, penis // nothing can come between us

Xcpt 4 Giant insurer Against greed Weed Against speed I’m having lotsa Hedging fun ! “The ent- ire worl- d we live in i- s fabric- ated.” —Guillermo del Toro, in a [refabricated] interview with Terry Gross Gross indeed Gothick to a fault To a vault And I’ll dig a tunnel From my Windows XPContinue reading “Aphrodite, penis // nothing can come between us”

Bukan Tentang Seorang yang Terbunuh di Sekitar Hari Pemilihan Umum

eli eli lamma lamma sabacthani better that than a saxophone cry kata ginsberg lama sebelum bertemu gm di taman itu hanya khayalannya ! nothing’s holy, didn’t u get me ? said he under his pubic beard ah, mr ginsberg, don’t u know these poets of the third, overdeveloped (lyrically) world ! they’re nothing but false-cosmopolitansContinue reading “Bukan Tentang Seorang yang Terbunuh di Sekitar Hari Pemilihan Umum”


last nite i w as feel in gsa d so i texted a great poet i said: dear goD do you think, if i haven’t really suffered if basically i’ve lived a spoiled and                          TOTALLY pampered life is there still a chance that sometimes at least iContinue reading “totally”