heart and curios

Everytime he goes to the restaurant he would go to the dilapidated toilet with no toilet seat and take a piss standing up and stare at the LINDETEVES sign painted on the water tank. Or, more like L NDE I EVI S. The sign has been painted over so many times, presumably with the sameContinue reading “heart and curios”

jakartah kumuh tercintah

on a cloudy like like today i always think of this bit from a sitor situmorang poem: jakarta kumuh tercinta can’t remember which poem, but that’s the whole stanza. he being mr. coy modernist and all. where did you hide pound’s personae, eh? i can see it bulging out of yer shirt pocket! (it’s ‘belovedContinue reading “jakartah kumuh tercintah”

jakarta: a(n) history*

two dutch officers on top of a makeshift watchtower barefooted common soldiers kicking imaginary tumbleweeds sweaty accountants in counting houses, bamboo fans, greasy watch chains a javanese general shooting seven hundred of his own soldiers in the head (he took off his blangkon before he shot the first one) the dutch officers looking on withContinue reading “jakarta: a(n) history*”

An(n)a Kar(en)ina

pour Edo Wallad   kau orang sunda, bahasamu seperti burung bernyanyi di pucuk angsana pohon penyembuh segala, masih tersisa satu di pojok kota tua ingatkah dulu waktu kita sering nongkrong di pinggir molenvliet mengenang rimbaud dan sepatu yang lepas kulitnya, liburan di pusuk buhit di sini kita hanya punya gunung salak, senja di beranda denganContinue reading “An(n)a Kar(en)ina”