i was going to search for more street art oeuvre but i then realised i don’t have to coz i’ve got danarpramesti on my dashboard. i used to want to take up more creative things like stencilling or rollerblading but then i realised danarpramesti already did all those things and more. i don’t envy her, i wish her all the best. it’s just that sometimes i used to wish that i was a more creative person. ok i lied. i probably had delusion that i was a great artist. i just need to find the right kind of art for me. then i’m all set. as i get older though, i realised that i am, well, kinda mediocre. not even in art. just in life in general. i write poetry. poems. but i don’t do it full time. unlike danarpramesti with his beautiful, soulful singing and souljahmusik. so i write marginal poetry, about things on the margin, marginally. the best i could do is probably just marginally good. i have stopped regretting this. i think there is a space in the beautiful for marginal things. footnotes, endnotes, underlines in cheap ink. that’s why i don’t worry about banksy. he’s a great artist. nuttin marginal about the dude. he’s like an old master in sneakers. i guess people worry they’re beeing fooled by all these kids with silly-clever identikits. borf? that’s genius. the question: how to stop worrying about meta-ness and love being dumb? probable answer: probably things are not that simple. i’m nobody’s fool, but i’m pretty stupid.

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