the end*

the last time mike d. saw rob g. was at an indian restaurant called passage to india. it was missing the ‘the’ or the ‘a’, he cannot quite remember. words are just dead neons anyway, ha. the restaurant was at the back of an alley, with a blue garbo at the front, and a statueContinue reading “the end*”


seperti ini misalnya: Monday, July 02, 2007 memulung Interesting Times Last updated less than one minute ago —>learnedly and single-handedly transforming the map of Anglo-American poetry Make me popular! is a leitmotif “Till death do us part.” Total bullshit. “We’ll be together forever.” Fuck you! Bungaaaa is in your overextended network ’nuair dh’ēireas mi’s tuContinue reading “copyleft*”