ttruh cilam slberamcd 5 temis oevr*

i havnet uadpted obnulation for many ransoes. msot of them i dont wnat to dcuisss with you. safe to say ive been aawy from lfie as i konw it. im on an oegrovrwn ptah eedgd with bebrmals going nhwreoe. i dont mnid. ive been tkanig stiases in etmpy pgaanrgshaans upekmnt dreeetsd by trlaerves eevn. no oneContinue reading “ttruh cilam slberamcd 5 temis oevr*”

tentang seorang satanis yang gemar mendengarkan lagu-lagu santri*

ia dengarkan mp3 yang masih copy-protected itu satu persatu tentang allah, paradiso, suci nan dududududum mencipta dunia untuk sendiri termangu di kefanaan konser burzum   *balasan buat “tentang seorang santri yang gemar mendengarkan lagu-lagu satanik” besutan yoshife/gedongproject di sini

The Latitudes of Heterosocial Motility within Homosexual Desire in Matthew Lewis’s The Monk*

textual authority, propelled, in part, by capitulation to sexual desires, governed by nefarious intervention, the manner by which egregious schemes transpire, a patriarchal authority relegated by requisite friendship:   “Let us forget the distinctions of sex, despise the world’s prejudices, and only consider each other as Brother and Friend. Live then! Oh! Live for me!”Continue reading “The Latitudes of Heterosocial Motility within Homosexual Desire in Matthew Lewis’s The Monk*”

pengumuman kematian dan tata cara penguburan / dánarfregnir og jarðarfarir

kita bermain sampai mati lebah mendengung dalam telinga terperosok dalam genangan hilang di tengah lautan hening awal yang baik kegelapan harapan kabut terbang terjemahan hopelandic: við spilum endalaust með suð í eyrum hoppípolla sæglópur svo hljótt ágætis byrjun myrkur von mistur fljúgðu

Aphrodite, penis // nothing can come between us (version 2)

Xcpt 4 Giant insurer Against greed Weed Against speed I’m having lotsa Hedging fun ! “The ent- ire worl- d we live in i- s fabric- ated.” —Guillermo del Toro, in a [refabricated] interview with Terry Gross Gross indeed Gothick To a fault To a vault In the attick And I’ll dig a tunnel FromContinue reading “Aphrodite, penis // nothing can come between us (version 2)”