Tuti Artic (Google Translate version 1)

Between now and later happy canyon agape, Adikku a lick ice artic delicacy; Cintaku you this afternoon, with kuhiasi susu + coca cola Isteriku in practice: we stop berdetik hours. You’re smart bercium correct, there are scratches live feel – When we are cycling kuantar you go home — Hot blood, you really made theContinue reading “Tuti Artic (Google Translate version 1)”

Tuti Artic

Between happiness now, and happiness tomorrow: a vast canyon beckons I watch you smile as you lick your Artic ice-block; Let these cream puffs + Coca Cola decorate my love for you, My future wife: stop the tickling of the clock. You are an excellent kisser already, I can still feel your lips on mineContinue reading “Tuti Artic”