Stop asking is this puisi, no one’s interested in your answer

Ditulis untuk Kongkow Jawara Puisi di Teater Kecil Taman Ismail Marzuki, Dewan Kesenian Jakarta 14 Desember 2016 Sebuah sayembara puisi hanyalah een rimpeltje in de oceaan, a ripple in the ocean, sebuah riak di tengah samudra usaha kanonisasi Puisi Indonesia, proses yang tak bosan-bosannya berlangsung sejak skena Pujangga Lama sampai sekarang skena Pujangga Hallmark. TermasukContinue reading “Stop asking is this puisi, no one’s interested in your answer”

One Afternoon Before the War*

Ah! I see what you’ve got in your hands an afternoon in the world of LAN a sealed blue radio (The night returns for an encore inside a tomb.) Pray for finesse, on the branch of the arborio strip it, sing it, fake it come, wing it, into the river! Note down: three pigeons diveContinue reading “One Afternoon Before the War*”

Jakarta: Night

Sitor Situmorang   At the corner of Kebon Sirih and Thamrin I stopped. And looked up at the neon lights blinking on rooftops. Metropolis! I freeze under the streetlights. Beyond the traffic lights I think, therefore I am. This is Jakarta not Hong Kong or Lake Toba. I left all that on a boat oneContinue reading “Jakarta: Night”