Tuti Artic (Google Translate version 1)

Between now and later happy canyon agape,

Adikku a lick ice artic delicacy;

Cintaku you this afternoon, with kuhiasi susu + coca cola

Isteriku in practice: we stop berdetik hours.

You’re smart bercium correct, there are scratches live feel

– When we are cycling kuantar you go home —

Hot blood, you really made the trek virgin,

Bangka old dream to soar the sky.

Pilihanmu pick up day after day, every time the exchange;

Tomorrow we cross, do not know know:

Heaven is only a game.

I also like you, all the quick-pass

I greet and Tuti + + Amoi … heart forlorn,

Love is a danger that so pale recipiency.


*see here for human translation

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