express yourself, water babe

I entertain the thought of not being able to see my water babe grow big enough to swim across the arctic waters So does my wife In her ladybug bikini How will the red of the ladybugs’ wings run in the cold black water ? I say, thank you Clovique, for fast-forwarding my life toContinue reading “express yourself, water babe”

bulan tak kusam ketika malam purnama*

<div style="text-align: center;“>malam tak peduli makin bulan makin terangmakin memang di kota ini makin lama makinjarang kita mendongak makin menunduksehingga seperti bom yang meledak di hatiwaktu makin akhirnya tanpa sengaja makinmenengadah dan di atas sana bulan bulat sempurna makin sempurna dengan cincinputih mengurungnya makin gila karena awanmalas pula makin muncul makin membuat kita makin yakinContinue reading “bulan tak kusam ketika malam purnama*”

people take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other

no idea what i thought when i saw yr picture the first time i thought of paris jardin du luxembourg pale frogs sunning themselves in the november cold the pale cream earth of the good arrondisements visiting yr sarcophagus next door at the tombes des grands hommes 100 years y.a.d. get myself a treat ofContinue reading “people take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other”

Le Mal est simplement la présence de Dieu en soi

the absence of god will bring you comfort, baby– rilo kiley distractthe windows Escapesilver Ford Hasan will youeat the cherry in yourmartini? i really really like like the cherry cherry colaoriflames in your eyes lucifermy maker half-manhalf-soul meetthy faker Later muchlater babes in boyland necklessmannequins rosy-eyeddawn in bundledheadlines *in loving memory of freud, derrida, marxContinue reading “Le Mal est simplement la présence de Dieu en soi”