I dig lyrics

3 31 in two daysi barely stand the lineat d’Orsay the Seinea stone’s throw awayas green as a home 7 i visited Knole while you were awaywindows shutcurtains drawn dreamcatchers stillon porchesthe wisterias need trimming 4 it’s Octoberthe kindest monthi look for a jardin anglais a large V in cressan army of steel green lazyContinue reading “I dig lyrics”

people take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other

no idea what i thought when i saw yr picture the first time i thought of paris jardin du luxembourg pale frogs sunning themselves in the november cold the pale cream earth of the good arrondisements visiting yr sarcophagus next door at the tombes des grands hommes 100 years y.a.d. get myself a treat ofContinue reading “people take pictures of each other taking pictures of each other”