your name (every)where

I passed by the beach At Tago and saw The snow falling, pure white, High on the peak of Fuji. –Yamabe No Akahito (translation by Kenneth Rexroth)   i passed by your Flickr page at****************/ and saw your love handles, bulging, out of your Billabong bikini.

nanophone daze

it’s not like i like writing poetry. it’s not like i can. but what else have i got over you? not even that. you’re more poetic than i’ll ever be. you’ve experienced more of this hell on earth than i. you have visited 110% of the countries in the world! your map is made upContinue reading “nanophone daze”


«Sometimes I think honesty is a technique, you know, Hemingway always talked about it, though he used the word «truthfully» instead—I don’t think he ever wrote «honestly», for obvious reasons, not to write anything «ghastly» like Orwell said could’ve been one, maybe not, Hem would never have listened to Georgie O.—but it’s such and integralContinue reading “hem”

Juru Unyu

Beberapa waktu lalu Julian Aldrin Pasha, jubir Presiden RI, menulis artikel di Kompas menanggapi kritik Mochtar Pabottinggi terhadap Presiden SBY. Jika seperti George Orwell bilang, “good prose is like a window pane”, prosa (kalau bisa dikatakan begitu) Julian ini seperti daun jendela yang terlalu banyak ukirannya sampai lupa menyisakan lubang buat kacanya. Untuk memudahkan pembacaContinue reading “Juru Unyu”

Sesuatu Indonesia: Personifikasi Pembaca Yang Tak Bersih

oleh Afrizal Malna Yayasan Bentang Budaya, 2000 580 halaman (dapat salam dari War and Peace)     aku sudah beli buku ini lama, bertahun2, tapi tak pernah membacanya karena berat, like literally, this book is a doorstopper/brick/a ton of bricks. berat banget. kertasnya tebal, kertas sampulnya art paper tebal. makes me think mungkin ipad gakContinue reading “Sesuatu Indonesia: Personifikasi Pembaca Yang Tak Bersih”

Kunci: Himpunan Puisi

by TS Pinang   very interesting post-afrizal collection of poems. if afrizal’s poems contain words that serve as indexes of the world/semiotic relationships around them, ts (apa itu ts, tanya anak2 buma di antologi buma 1) pinang’s poems are like extended footnotes to these index entries. “kami membaca kulkas dan televisi di selebaran promo diskonContinue reading “Kunci: Himpunan Puisi”


the most interesting thing about glee’s gaga episode was ryan murphy’s extended, veiled commentary on gaga’s music and image, best delivered through puck’s offhand quip, “gaga, isn’t he just like a guy in girl’s clothes? like… bowie?” like bowie indeed. and marilyn manson. and hedwig. all cross-dressing artists (one of them is fictional, though whichContinue reading “agalinsane”


danke cyins. wasit geblek. sofa lipat depan tv. decolsin. augmentin. mata sendu pesut ozil. substitusi marinasi. jogi metrosexy löw. sesal. cinta yang bisa dirasakan dari jauh. terima kasih. iskyd: hepi buzzday mike. from all of us: @yoshife @edophilia @nininditya @pancrutkancut. celtics kalah. jerman kalah dari serbia. klose kartu merah. podolski miss the penalty. tukeran filmContinue reading “sesal”

my son calls another man daddy

  liking country was kinda de rigeur circa 1992/3 what with the wilcomania and gram parsons nostalgia that were on as a sort of mildly depressing underground to the entertain-me grunge mainstream. once the obsessive clinging to whatever the hoi polloi missed lost its charm though it was pretty clear nu alt country and oldskoolContinue reading “my son calls another man daddy”