my son calls another man daddy


liking country was kinda de rigeur circa 1992/3 what with the wilcomania and gram parsons nostalgia that were on as a sort of mildly depressing underground to the entertain-me grunge mainstream. once the obsessive clinging to whatever the hoi polloi missed lost its charm though it was pretty clear nu alt country and oldskool country rock actually sucked. their depression was affected. phony. it was like gleemonex compared to the primitive hollerin yodelin ole white trash country as purveyed most lyrically and mansion-on-the-hill hauntingly by hank williams sr. remember before country cred went down the bayou with hank williams jr and hank williams III, hank sr was as kool a kat as elvis. he just happened to have no objection to the prevailing grand ole opry fashion statement of stetson hats, nudie suits, leather belts with huge intricately carved metal buckles, 7-inch heel cowboy boots and holding your guitar just that little bit too high and too tight to your chest. hang on! those things ARE cool!

anyways i’m a dad and i’d hate to have to hear my daughter call another man papa.

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