«Sometimes I think honesty is a technique, you know, Hemingway always talked about it, though he used the word «truthfully» instead—I don’t think he ever wrote «honestly», for obvious reasons, not to write anything «ghastly» like Orwell said could’ve been one, maybe not, Hem would never have listened to Georgie O.—but it’s such and integralContinue reading “hem”

masalah kehidupan yang dapat anda atasi sendiri

youve got nothin. so u want everythin. badly. things are made of glass, cut yr hands when u try to hold on. even if that. but please. who would give a flyin fuck. if u put everythin into each word as though the elision of a letter a syllable a word wd fit thick leatherContinue reading “masalah kehidupan yang dapat anda atasi sendiri”

Pas l’éducation sentimentale

– now i can live without this this distilling of a day thru the cheap (less than aus$10,000) coffee machine of me brain. no more waiting waiting waiting for the splotch splutter swish of dirty brown half quarter no truths into the cracked coffee single-serve cups of me minimum opus. – i can live withoutContinue reading “Pas l’éducation sentimentale”

More honesty you don’t need/more of me repeating myself repeating myself myself myself

«And one night I woke up in room A007 and went straight to my desk (so fast I almost went at it), opened a notebook my mom had left me on her last visit when she threw a full good box of Honey Crunch cereal down the sink, one of the many drug companies’ giftsContinue reading “More honesty you don’t need/more of me repeating myself repeating myself myself myself”