north of batavia, south of heaven

i saw a lot of death. start at the coffee stall that sold breakfast of dark brown broth in a pan chicken necks yellow tumeric-y skeletons of fish all over rice. only the rice was alive steaming like the garbage dump next to us. the men ate quickly “drink! give me drink!” a man inContinue reading “north of batavia, south of heaven”


the trunks of the sawo trees, the cold black sand, the old burnt palace, the dark pendopo, the watermarked angels and goddesses, the white eyes, a brazier of glowing charcoal, pretty shop attendants, brief obi like an afterthought, you would believe in anything, a lake under the midday sun,  

Speed of Lite

but i stop, my hands clasped tight on the back of a plastic chair, my feet burning criss-cross dunlop pattern into the wet earth, and my mind takes overexposed pictures of a man asleep, or is he dying?, on a kerb with the smell of dead rats and yesterday’s bananas, a girl vomiting just-digested friedContinue reading “Speed of Lite”