when it rains it’s the same everywhere. the loud bullets of raindrops on my shoulder as i get out of the centre culturel : the mango tree nods its wide leaves and lets the rain water bend its back like a swimmer on his starting block, then fall, to the steaming earth. the earth, you,Continue reading “L=A+N-G+UxA:G=E”


hellohurt if i stare at the computer screen for a very, very long time say, all night would your name suddenly pop up in the morning and suppose it does would a simple “hello” hurt? posted by holiday_sendiri @ 2/26/2007 05:43:00 AM 4 comments baiklah, aku akan mulai dengan ini saja dulu hols. mungkin karenaContinue reading “yohurt”

Speed of Lite

but i stop, my hands clasped tight on the back of a plastic chair, my feet burning criss-cross dunlop pattern into the wet earth, and my mind takes overexposed pictures of a man asleep, or is he dying?, on a kerb with the smell of dead rats and yesterday’s bananas, a girl vomiting just-digested friedContinue reading “Speed of Lite”