what are notes but work delayed ?

can you make haikuout of the comiccoincidence of a chainedmonkey and mebeing in the same bus ? i can of the windshooting fine bulletsof sand into my faceand the man in the next busblowing cigarette smoke —which from where im sitting— is either suspended bythe still air insideor else grime has gluedstrands of it onContinue reading “what are notes but work delayed ?”


hellohurt if i stare at the computer screen for a very, very long time say, all night would your name suddenly pop up in the morning and suppose it does would a simple “hello” hurt? posted by holiday_sendiri @ 2/26/2007 05:43:00 AM 4 comments baiklah, aku akan mulai dengan ini saja dulu hols. mungkin karenaContinue reading “yohurt”