nothing too bright or annoying

I will create the fabric of next year already Discharge wabash, polka dots, stripes, moleskin, coloring + floral design in recent years (wear excluded) Until now, the famous pattern in old clothes were many, but we will create a pattern that has become like to look at the odds and ends simply another this timeContinue reading “nothing too bright or annoying”


Shoppe, Bergdof’s disappeared. Avenue blankets, She died, On Pasternak into flame come down buckling, wheezing people of Essen Indologists fact of 900 exhibits Heinrich Goetz! Ceylon and Afghanistan fleet” on the Rhine still oh Essen Ajanta, Villa Hügel! friendship her face on it windy politesse Grace Hartigan’s Gaspar Gonzales, up the street my neck comingContinue reading “limned*”

pre-war soaking/iron hearts

soak hearts in boiling hot water no need to turn hearts inside out smear obenauf lp all over hearts before soaking to prevent cracking hang-dry hearts on a clear morning do not tumble dry hearts unless you want creases in unwanted places wear hearts when wet to jumpstart evolution hearts are never ready to wearContinue reading “pre-war soaking/iron hearts”

brands we carry

samurai 17oz ltd ed s5000gx-s void/sky element modenya kakaaak iron heart beatle buster indigo jeans ihxb01nya kakaaak the real mccoys joey mccoy lot 906nya kakaaak self edge x flat head x ringring = sexfhxrr10nya kakaaak warehouse 660blueingreen low/mid rise slim tapernya kakaaak the steam locomotive tsl d62xx jean straight legnya kakaaak denime 66xx type taperedContinue reading “brands we carry”

a disturbing, twisted work of absolute genius

consider the idea of what happens if you just go away and write. you may not have anything to say. a choice : to make our children safe in the world or to make the world safe for our children. the implications. in the context of today’s politics of oil : we are all implicated.Continue reading “a disturbing, twisted work of absolute genius”

California Internet titans today baffle quick-thinking porn-peddlers Gmail Down ! Tom Cruise was “weird” and “awkward” at the London Metal Exchange who wouldn’t be back to the 1920s and the glamorous, speed-struck “Bentley Boys”: upskirt me synaptic pharmacology ! the next generation will define themselves by the responses of others’ crotch shots “I realised thatContinue reading “”