dem say dem yu inglan en yor konvoluted lenguaej

This is how far my tongue has been appropriated by orientalist powers-that-have-been: I typed lyndon kwelli johnson in the poemhunter search engine then “LKJ” reggae poet in Google Before I realised for the first time that habit is a bitch mon Dem say ye olde habit dies hard Dem say punks not dead Dem sayContinue reading “dem say dem yu inglan en yor konvoluted lenguaej”

California Internet titans today baffle quick-thinking porn-peddlers Gmail Down ! Tom Cruise was “weird” and “awkward” at the London Metal Exchange who wouldn’t be back to the 1920s and the glamorous, speed-struck “Bentley Boys”: upskirt me synaptic pharmacology ! the next generation will define themselves by the responses of others’ crotch shots “I realised thatContinue reading “”

whose billberry is sweeter ?

article has been saved ! and neither has my sanity the inability to take calls at work the inability to fluctuate wildly ! ‘fate of BTSs in the regions under threaten’ [sic] ! eat sic motherfuckers ! i wanna be a child again and write about a mole in the back of my mind whoContinue reading “whose billberry is sweeter ?”

Layman Atlanta

and then went down to the zeus and then a room on fire and then under the bushes under the stars and then please approve comments otherwise yer readomattic will show panty lines-like and then odysseus got tired of the underworld and bought a manicotti at a jersey bakery. didn’t even look back once andContinue reading “Layman Atlanta”