Speaking to a Full Count, 0105.

Speaking about 1997, Les Purikajinzu was in his prime.

Popular jeans Full Count!

Entering in the sequel

Sold out, arrival day, lined up in front of the store before


Remember that.

Model 0105 represents the Full Count,

Cotton is said to be of the highest quality Jimba Bue

Produced using cotton fabrics, the famous 13.7oz.

Fall colors are good,

Be “accompanied by the best everyday wear ideal fit,”

You can experience.

Continue to wear jeans every day.

Is projected lifestyle.

Or to paint, and silkscreen printing or, in the thighs, swamps

I then painted the color of mountain life.

Something bad, it was fun,


I did, I jammed a lot of memories.

At the time, because I was smoking:

Uotchipoketto Zippo

The eared Uotchipoketto Origami has folded to wrap

The upper portion from the side.

The current product is folded by

I have been changed.

Jeans are easy to count these days

Full of broken pocket mouths.

Sewing the products are complex and

Deep pockets,

So far into Ino Hutoshi wrist



I had to repair thick threads.

Belt loops are sewn, not banzai, and retrofit.

A few years later this:

Banzai sewing has changed.

I had to repair a hole in the knee, so empty.

Gauze to rely on the other side,

The round trip times in gray silk.

Repeat Repair


Keru still.

The buttons feel good

Rubbed protrusions.

Yanpi (goat) leather

With leather performance

The pitch not shrink-proof,

We will repeat the wash to shrink.

Vintejijinzu seen,

Known as the desire to patch leather beef jerky

I tweaked a little.

Popular at the time,

Hot water processing.

Slowly soaked in hot water causes the leather


Did not cure still


Use cotton yarn sewn,

Decorative stitching on back pockets,


Will gradually run out.

Was hidden under the stitch,

Indigo has left the form of blue stitching.

This is my favorite place.

Attaches to the back pocket,

Red tab rayon yarn was woven in the tattered worn out:

R’s are out to Shiraito.

Worn hidden rivets protruding portion has gone

To just the warp weft.

Chain stitch sewn hem,

To the rugged beautiful fall colors.

Pink ears,



All colors.

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