nothing too bright or annoying

I will create the fabric of next year already

Discharge wabash, polka dots, stripes, moleskin, coloring + floral design in recent years

(wear excluded)

Until now, the famous pattern in old clothes were many,

but we will create a pattern that has become

like to look at the odds and ends

simply another this time

… I’m troubled still while I think at the discretion,

of going in the crystal-like hexagonal stripe + snow here or…

Orders in front of you,

while promotion, that next year,

I feel to look at it and study of the genre,

such as military and outdoor wear or even

I feel that it is connected to the product

made ​​it

like “!Cool me this” and “!Interesting”,

mind is the dance simply,

good stuff in my own and I wonder if I can

I received also today “original feel”

Even ten years ago from now,

I do not appreciate that it was born

it is difficult even in ten years to age

very good

For me to be able to call people as “friends”

by attaching chest

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