a disturbing, twisted work of absolute genius

consider the idea of what happens if you just go away and write.

you may not have anything to say.

a choice : to make our children safe in the world or

to make the world safe for our children.

the implications.

in the context of today’s politics of oil : we are all implicated.

in the lives of people we don’t even know.

two poems by Rafael Acevedo translated by Ricardo Alberto Maldonado.


with five human bones.

poems have appeared.

or are forthcoming.

a flat surface.

starry sky.

my arm.

cut off all aid within five years.

might seem insane.



Mahmoud Darwish, Kamal Nasir, Abu Salma, Ibrahim Tukan.

but there was no single poet who captured the poem that is Palestine.

fighter jets are so unreal.

I met Ferdinand de Saussure on a night like this.

on love he said I’m not so sure don’t even know what it is.

you can’t use a bulldozer to study orchids.

Yahoo address reveals neither nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, age.

not even gender.

we are moving away from a geographical [sic].

from identity politics to shifting identities and communities.

mixed feelings.

the new Vespa LX differs from the previous version in its revised front cowl that clearly

cites past models.

an unequivocal reference to a distinctive trait of a number of historical models.

we will save for another time the matter of whether the machine has a soul or not.

you will not rest until you have conquered the subtleties of down-shifting.

still too hot for California, but the rest can once again bask in the presence of its

monocoque steel frame and clean vintage lines.

I was seeking a soul resembling mine, and I could not find it.

in the age of the simulacrum genius theory is simply passé.

do you remember when we were kids ?

her name is cassandra.

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