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i havnet uadpted obnulation for many ransoes. msot of them i dont wnat to dcuisss with you. safe to say ive been aawy from lfie as i konw it. im on an oegrovrwn ptah eedgd with bebrmals going nhwreoe. i dont mnid. ive been tkanig stiases in etmpy pgaanrgshaans upekmnt dreeetsd by trlaerves eevn. no one lieks hanigng out amynroe. just sitntig in kesorsi males all afeoontrn. no one sees the pinot in wniirtg lteerts in eignlsh aonryme. make the gtueesrs of wtniirg wtih yuor hdnas and no one wloud unastrdned. ive been rdanieg many books in my daerms. more and more wlaimis p.a. duam e. beortn de njis arlbet abtrels anyinthg inshcdie brlieeltce. i tinhk the sllnpieg is wonrg but ill let sgjaubo have it this tmie. i dnot have tmie to talk to you amornye. i hvae my sciuonipss. no i nveer stscepeud you but i suohld nveer have tsteurd aoynne laest of all mslyef. we have lost our roahni and im trying to rpeacle it wtih teals of tgnihs wtih a toaki ctigtreae lhietgr as thier siaerl pgosiaontrt. i lnog for a late arnftooen with a bsnkibbno&rias miexd frloavs sky but eyvwrehree auonrd me is nhigt. goodbye. yruoe hasrh on me for a rseaon i know. yuor own resanos. ive got ntoinhg to do with whveater psoern yuove dcdeeid to be. prephas you dediced it one ngiht in lskuoeahmwe while watinig for smeoone to cursh yuor pdoanal exrats for you in your tepsaoon. and you dndit hvae wetar olny clod owesevert tea. get on wtih it. get on with lfie. as you woulvde siad to me i bet you wvldoue said tsohe wrods to me. you hvae. if i tlod you taht i too had dceedid on the psoern the iedal man i wneatd to be trhee years ago and now i fnid msylef saitrng at the same ceiilng i was sairntg at tehre yeras ago to the sonced wluod you bilevee me? i hvae not mveod an icnh. time to rnarragee the fintuerrus in my room. no one has been rinckog in the rcoking cahir for many yeras phpaers its time to put rnoikcg to ptrsaue. wulod you bveelie it. im tiryng to mkae you itno my new muse. but yuore wphiinpg me into saphes i htae. the shdaow pnantiig of a rastas haed a fender sartt tihck akelns. yuore not ltinteg me be who i am o msue nevloule! i hate you. i hate you but i lvoe you bcseuae yuor hate is new. your dsgiust at my rclancutee to satnd under the cold moitnaun wetar pruinog out of the bmaobo ppie yuor shrot crut awesnrs to my ssepimeflo-d pmleorbs of amour your sertcely ttixneg your fdenirs to pcik you up so you can get aawy from the pioilbissty of sipdneng the nihgt with me. yuore ceelevrr than all my old mesus thats what i lkie auobt you. in this ctruony id klil for cveelr. now the sltrguge whcih of coruse you would sggsuet dsenot rellay hvae to be one is to fnid a way to feel the heat of your skin asanigt mine. prieod.

*dnoe uisng this tihng form code is porety

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