I’m kinda sweaty

And I said, “What about breakfast at Tiffany’s?”
I will surprise you sometime I’ll come ‘round
I’m not gonna give you a break
How does it feel
The book of love is long and boring no one can lift the damn thing
Cinta ‘kan membawamu kembali di sini
It hasn’t been so bad, yeah, I’d do it again
Inní mér syngur vitleysingur
The night you can’t remember the night I can’t forget
I got soul but I’m not a soldier
Keepin’ down the underground
I’m sorry that I love you
Invitation to the last dance then it’s time to leave
The dirt in your fries

Solo Valensi

Solo Hammond, Jr.

Every single one of us is getting massacred on a frozen path
The Great Big No
Bye bye Badman
Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?
All the clouds have silver linings
Gonna track this shit around
Úr stað – sjálfur
Some voice is asking how my weekend’s been
Tonight I’m gonna rest my chemistry
Flashback, wrong nights
C’mon let me hold you, touch you, feel you, always
Safe sex doesn’t mean no sex use your imagination
They just wanna, they just wanna
I feel alone and tired
First you look so strong, then you fade away

Solo King

Solo Hannemann


*all the lines were lyrics/things I heard on my orange iPod nano (16GB) the ones that stuck in my head in the past two days at work 5/8/09 and 6/8/09.

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