K4l4u s4mp41 w4ktuku
‘Ku mau t4k 530ran6 k4n m3r4yu
T1d4k jug4 kau

T4k p3rlu s3du sed4n 1tu

4ku 1n1 binat4n6 j4l4n6
D4ri kumpulanny4 t3rbu4n6

B1ar p3luru m3n3mbu5 kul1tku
4ku tet4p m3r4dan6 m3n3rj4n6

Luk4 d4n b154 kub4wa b3rlari
H1n664 hil4n6 pedih p3r1

D4n 4ku 4k4n l3b1h t1d4k p3rduli

4ku mau h1dup s3r1bu t4hun l4g1



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