jakartah kumuh tercintah

on a cloudy like like today i always think of this bit from a sitor situmorang poem: jakarta kumuh tercinta can’t remember which poem, but that’s the whole stanza. he being mr. coy modernist and all. where did you hide pound’s personae, eh? i can see it bulging out of yer shirt pocket! (it’s ‘belovedContinue reading “jakartah kumuh tercintah”

jakarta: a(n) history*

two dutch officers on top of a makeshift watchtower barefooted common soldiers kicking imaginary tumbleweeds sweaty accountants in counting houses, bamboo fans, greasy watch chains a javanese general shooting seven hundred of his own soldiers in the head (he took off his blangkon before he shot the first one) the dutch officers looking on withContinue reading “jakarta: a(n) history*”


they represent the appropriation the predictive interpretation of the question we must seem blissfully unaware of this pluralist and multicultural drama as we know admonitions interest Artemidorus scarcely we know from Photius these were the stories in the immemorial past one might have expected <span style="font-style: italic;“>*semua teks dari g.w. bowersock, fiction as history: neroContinue reading “rangkum*”