three pears rot in a metal bowl. i’ve stopped washing my rice. i wish estraven had made it across the snow bog. some pages you just don’t understand. a distal phalanx gives you an entire universe. it was my fault/i forgive you. i do not forgive you. how many stars? how many ways of being dead inside? you write about galaxies in which i am an orbitless comet. oh you’re famous! the yellow livery of a blue jimny. tell your mum she’s the prettiest doctor in the district. it concerns miss ives and her hunky wolf/vampyre lord. i don’t know if i should be turned on or call the priest. the feeble church. a family of dawgs. i stood next to his open coffin for about ten minutes. a phalanx of baby brothers. the lord manifests as a banana boat.

against all odds, the waves crash into a grand theatre. they were dismantling the screen but behind it no not the dawn. how was warsaw, could you still hear the ambulance sirens from your bathtub? they say you make it sound like shakespeare. i think they meant shakespeare & co. he pronounced it “shaq-est-fear”. from this vantage point, my legs are two black stumps. louie louia, hey hey! expectation rewards. scraping the barrel of monkey brain sashimi. i hear you childe from under the table. this is a great quote that might make you feel better about being mediocre. automatically fit emotions to containment. the va-va-voom of the system. ya masalahnya he’s always saying all the right things. is idul fitri next week?

that was closer. start with l’éducation sentimentale then graduate to lovecraft. you’ve got the flattest ass in the universe! cute. have i reported back to the style council? how would i know dimension hatröss. one afternoon i rode my bmx with my dick hangin out. iniiii iniiiiiiiii. björk jabs her left fist when no one is looking. she wears a pussy mask. the fastest kid over 100 meters clips my right heel with his left foot. i have to go to the post office, work out shipping for a pair of galoshes to ljubljana. if you want to control people, never let them sleep. unsettle, then revolt. i kept thinking brody would come back coz i read in in cold blood that when you hang the heart might not stop completely until 20 or so minutes after the fact. the manikins made of bamboo.

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