tewas 2

they’re all tevas to me. you might have a different name, but i have never remembered it.

do you think a bullet can bounce off a car window? the maître d’s cheong sam looked a bit dishevelled. two days ago.

she said my sentences run on to each other. some of them just don’t work. a crossing bridge collapses from a slowly alighting damp leaf.

i have never tried to work out the feelings i feel, writing in total darkness with my daughter’s leg akimbo over my belly. trust no bun.

thank you for the whisky. it helped me sleep in the middle of the night.

okay then, i should be off, searching for my imaginary lighter in the coin slots of your car. there was awkwardness, but we were chatting again on the dyke a couple of weeks later. all’s well that ends swells.

they’re all tevas to me. even your husband wears them. i heard he was too busy to notice you had decided not to wear your retainers anymore. the wind in the backyard blew the pages off your book.

i was dunny when i was depressed. yas, like dat. even the flashpackers french-kissing on the trottoirs refused to smile.

true blood at 9. laundry at 10. pick up the kid at half past, or quarter to, i am the only witness to my own life.

why am i cold. the water heater is turned up to ten. but this morning the news anchor delivered a red box with no pictures in it. have you woken up yet?

the trees look the same as they do in stockholm. the murray bros had kept their pistols wrapped up in old newspapers. the police discovered some of the pages were advertising old curtains.

the meadow has always been more fragrant than leatherwood. have you worked out the peat content? you should start taking your liver support twice a day to avoid zen burnout.

hayley is growing thinner and thinner soon there will be nothing left of her but an empty bottle of allure. eureka! you are disappearing into a terror. they are all tevas to me.

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