for violeteye   reeling from 3-in-1 hours, we breezed through lunch, le thé everywhere we felt du jour, curing seeds of love in-between jugs of pilsener, resizing the deconstruction of this city’s dog-shit-dog zeitgeist, kitting ourselves in polyester knits, slightly ripped here and there. we devoured quiches out of boredom, veering close to vexed, droningContinue reading “love*”


AWAY WITH WIJI THUKUL I The sun was orange in the summer. The grass smelt like fresh bread. Wiji Thukul didn’t like bread; he spent every morning boiling rice in a dented saucepan. The water always spilt over the edge of the single-serve pan, bubbling like soap. Wiji would lean over his rice like aContinue reading “AWAY WITH WIJI THUKUL*”

bayangan memudar

forget, ya forget late afternoons on the verandah yr gedong besaran in salemba au bon pain from yr favourite boulangerie alsatienne passer baroe see how the leather the backseat of your sado is peeling like a thousand sails forget everything the proper spelling the long letters you’ve been writing the clipped, proper, eton v. harrowContinue reading “bayangan memudar”

van der Tuuk you old goat

‘i am not here!’  ha you were never there not in yr head Herman Neubronner you lost it in a Rampokan Jawa                                                          some nautical miles off the margins of yr mind skin the beast chariot-break it it’s one’s civilization that isContinue reading “van der Tuuk you old goat”

Metaphorical progression

The sun like a gong The gong scything the memory of your dreams Your dreams contained within an umbrella The umbrella opens its stem of roses Roses are Fred, violets are Drew Drew with the Indians, won against the Red Sox The Red Sox of your concupiscence Concupiscent as a plum blossom A plum blossomContinue reading “Metaphorical progression”