Wongso Lemu

Your family not travelling with you? No, they just didn’t feel like it this time. Are you staying at the usual place? Yep, the usual. Pretty tacky. Maybe that’s why I like it. I still haven’t been to your place. No. I wrote about it already in one of my poems though. I said youContinue reading “Wongso Lemu”

i wasn’t the one who shot down saint-ex, rappelle-moi!

i know what i want now. i want to walk the empty streets of a busy city. early evening, orange light. a greenish river moving upstream. i want to go into a comic books store near closing time. the store will be unattended. piles of acme novelty library vols. 45-75 as high as the sky.Continue reading “i wasn’t the one who shot down saint-ex, rappelle-moi!”

les arts interrogatifs

giggling from too little non-EU christiania hasish i missed my mark you as i javelined leftover smørrebrød into a green rubbish bin leaned a perfect something degree for the greater comfort of cyclists wrapped in aurora contentment. stockholm was cold but you were colder the picture of health (first world) i heard you accidentally tookContinue reading “les arts interrogatifs”