van der Tuuk you old goat

‘i am not here!’ 

ha you were never there

not in yr head Herman Neubronner

you lost it in a Rampokan Jawa 

                                                        some nautical miles off the margins of yr mind

skin the beast

chariot-break it

it’s one’s civilization that is always at stake

’tis always 

                            at the stake

nothing grows under the waringin tree

and how many acres are the old king’s universe pinned and nailed like a queer at the old vic?

‘kari sak megare payung’

you’d understand that Herr man


you’d only hv to do a bit of comparative philology

swot on yr Old Kawi

and you’re all set

leave the old goat bleating under yr balé-balé

leave it to yr Balinese njai                            Gusti Dertik you freak

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