hapi a i u hu api ai ye hapi a i u hu aaah*

sometimes the feeling is right
untuk ditusuk dengan supit bambu
you fall in love for the first time
sendiri dengan bayanganmu

not for the first time

wake up now (wake up now)
im not your lollipop
hanky panky

* bpm: 120 (minimum)

18 thoughts on “hapi a i u hu api ai ye hapi a i u hu aaah*

  1. itu sebab narcis mati di pinggir kali
    bareng kodok ngorek dia menikmati diri sendiri
    tapi katanya going solo sometimes lebih fun
    puas sendiri gak perlu ngorek dompet lebih dalem lagi


  2. ring king king
    in the game where i am king

    forever i want to be in pantura
    where the kings are not pantera

    i love that song about sms
    where the world out there could kiss my ass

    together we conquer
    when musik koplo
    is taking you as sick as low


  3. english indonesia english indonesia
    otak muter balik kanan kiri coba cari maknanya
    kings of pantura memang bukan pantera
    tapi dia penguasa kereta kutunggu jandamu

    dikit2 english dikit2 indonesia
    englishindonesia kok dikit2


  4. browser-nya remember passwordku kok
    aku gak perlu khawatir
    lagian semua accounts have password yang sama
    gak perlu sakit kepala

    forever not found 404 bukan masalah
    dunia lebih lebar dari layar di depan mata


  5. ring king king
    rin tin tin

    i like games
    where im the original sin

    my browsers flock
    it totally rocks !

    its got people sidebar
    its wunderbar !

    my accounts have all got different passwords
    cos im a thief in the night: words are my only swords !

    pen is mightier than swords
    penis mightier than words !


  6. aku juga pake flock
    tapi kadang2 komputerku jadi ngekngok
    gak kuat dan layarku kekecilan buat menampung sidebar di pinggir kiri
    jadi kadang kembali firefox sesekali menikmati flock


  7. forever not found 404 coz flock the geese in your monitor
    forever not found evermore, coz guitar god gary moore
    is no longer the master of his finger, your finger
    our fingers lickin good, lickin the mighty penis
    sprouting on someone's head in memphis

    wunderbar i'd rather wunderlust to move my feet
    off the ground humping around to bali, to bali
    to the place where poets and tourist roam
    to the paddy fields like the one in your
    pretty postcards, playing cards in foam
    in foam, whooooooooooooaaaaaaaaam

    the girl with braids sang halleluya, she just
    wrote the lines up there, yesterday
    while we were stuck up there
    in the air
    in the air
    in the air

    flock your rock and check the dying polar bear
    at the nearest movie palace, william wallace
    will tear his heart out at the sight of those
    dancing dolphins
    dancing cheetah
    dying carribou
    dancing and fucking
    but mostly dying
    in death's embrace


    amazing grace, is when you find an apple
    on the sidewalk, covered with chalk
    and you ask the bystander have you seen
    my baby?
    my baby?

    have you seen

    forever not found your 404 baby
    coz she's too busy flocking
    who couldnt even spell
    h i g h.


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