Les quatre cent mille coups

around the time ekskul won ffi 2006 i fired off an email—can you really fire off emails, are fireworks legal in the fibre optic nevermind?—to a great film reviewer in the sky: but haven’t they seen antoine doinel and balzac’s account of his (antoine’s) grandmother in 400 Blows?

and the great reviewer in the sky said <span style="font-style: italic;
“>I haven’t seen 400 Blows.

that’s when<span style="font-style: italic;
“> i decided i didn’t want to be a great reviewer in the sky.

i just want to watch the butterfly over and over with the sound turned off and have disgusting most probably illegal dreams of poppy sovia. i will read balzac on her ass and she can read me lorine niedecker anyway she wants. give me o goddess of the teeth brace!

400 thousand blows

of the mind!

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