boxing against shadows

what do you do when you can’t think outside the box?

do you set up a b&b inside and serve yrself breakfasts

of cold bacon strips and crumbly hash browns

all day?

do you dig invisible tunnels

into the center of the earth

where box or no box

people melt

like arby’s cheese

into something nondescript

something neither cheese nor not-cheese?

put up a periscope

into the nether world

where tristan fucks isolde off

gorges himself on pastry and chicks in a great banquet

at bayreuth

wagner M.I.A.

everything’s M.I.A. these days

the possibility of you and me

growing a vegetable garden

in a nuclear universe

i want to grow carrot cakes!

i will eat them with you all day!

and throw them on yr face

and you mash them on mine

when we’re bored

with the green

apocalyptic sun

i will read blake to you

and you will read him back to me

and by the end of the day

we will speak exclusively

in visionary tyger-ish verse

of life in the slow lane

the cars on our right

mere shadows

speeding by.

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