l’anti-bourgeois gentilhomme

jules et jim wake me up before this century ends release me from the silver chains around my burning neck and my cool quilt of concrete abandon me to the mann gegen mann world of future triptonics jules et jim rewrite the index of the world in feathers and beads rescind all invitations to anContinue reading “l’anti-bourgeois gentilhomme”

Les quatre cent mille coups

around the time ekskul won ffi 2006 i fired off an email—can you really fire off emails, are fireworks legal in the fibre optic nevermind?—to a great film reviewer in the sky: but haven’t they seen antoine doinel and balzac’s account of his (antoine’s) grandmother in 400 Blows? and the great reviewer in the skyContinue reading “Les quatre cent mille coups”