Layman Atlanta

and then went down to the zeus
and then a room on fire
and then under the bushes under the stars
and then please approve comments otherwise yer readomattic will show panty lines-like
and then odysseus got tired of the underworld and bought a manicotti at a jersey bakery. didn’t even look back once
and then gatoloco wiped cum off his mouth and freestyle a zen koan right then and there though no one knows when and where
and then jaemanis rubbed her cunt like really hard she passed out with the sound of nightingale ringing in her arse. in the morning there was a void within and without the mosquito net
and then paratactically nothing makes sense even since collages don’t work when the juxtaposition is done by a piano teacher who refuses to learn how to tune his instrument
and then i haven’t thought enough about life in the last eight months because i’ve been too busy living it
and then there is no poetry when there’s no internet at home
and then my mind is firefox 3.0 with multiple tabs open and a read-it-later everyman’s library sans dustjacket add-on icon in the top right hand corner
and then i dream of a widget that can summarize all of the tabs into a sentence
and then the widget was me

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