we are nowhere and it’s wow is mikael johani’s first poetry collection. it’s divided into three sections, home, home part deux, away, and we are nowhere and it’s wow. because he likes being coy. home is away, away is home, part deux is part un, nowhere is somewhere etc. includes such orientalist pseudo-political poems asContinue reading “wow”

dem say dem yu inglan en yor konvoluted lenguaej

This is how far my tongue has been appropriated by orientalist powers-that-have-been: I typed lyndon kwelli johnson in the poemhunter search engine then “LKJ” reggae poet in Google Before I realised for the first time that habit is a bitch mon Dem say ye olde habit dies hard Dem say punks not dead Dem sayContinue reading “dem say dem yu inglan en yor konvoluted lenguaej”