bulu babi di selangkanganmu

blue water like cheap mints.

sun = a hot wok.

soft hair on your thighs.

a hand running over them.

hot hot hot out here.

the heat heat heat on your ipod.

the peace and quiet you’re looking for is down there.

under the water


= a giant earth-sized


potato chip.

stick your head in.

you’ll even stop thinking about me.

see the life dead corals make.

the flowers of.

the bare trees of.

the pussy folds of.

the arrows of fish

stopping darting back towards you then


= pasopati before kresna gave arjuna his bhagavadgita lesson.

the chapter you always skip over.

stop thinking.

nothing gets done when you’re too busy thinking.

put on your floats.

the orange is so people can see you.

so they don’t forget.

there are other people in this world.

the goggles are for seeing things clearer than you normally can.

the snorkel is so you can breathe when you normally can’t.

everything’s here so you can be here now.

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