—at the sentence level

u tried to hit me in the balls and missed

i called u a dog becoz i felt like one

she secretly hoped at least one of her pupils would put in death be not proud in their anthologies of life-changing poems of my life and no one did and she wondered if then there’s any point in keeping her wish a secret

standing in a supermarket aisle she wondered if she could die from swallowing a 12-piece box of crayons

she secretly listens to barbra streisand

four years ago to the day he went to bb’s climbed the two flights of stairs to the second floor saw the sastro were playing and got out

he saw sastro the giant twice at the old ciledug plaza sat cross-legged with the kids on the floor but refused to shake his hand both times because he thought it looked soft like a cow’s brain

when he was sixteen he went to an outdoor all day music festival and it was raining and muddy and why did he even go but still he didn’t mind missing a lou reed acoustic set because he really wanted to get that sausage stick for tilly

my life has been kinda bleak lately how’s yours been ?

the karaoke machine is broken would u like a cup of tea ?

she knew her neighbours were murdered but she was the junior mortician her expertise meant nothing

i’m pretty sure i will die knowing full well that i never gave myself a chance to do what i really want

he travelled around the world for years 103 countries at the last count but he came back last year to the village where he was born to marry his high school sweetheart which made him feel pretty much like a loser

the army guys confiscated the manuscript for my new novel last night i’ve been working on it for four years i feel like stabbing my own eyes with a pencil

she was convinced that you and i are a gang of losers was all about wayne gretzky and no one believed her

unlike others in this city he doesn’t think arian13 is that great a lyricist but he’s just never found the right occasion to say it

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