—at the sentence level

u tried to hit me in the balls and missed i called u a dog becoz i felt like one she secretly hoped at least one of her pupils would put in death be not proud in their anthologies of life-changing poems of my life and no one did and she wondered if then there’sContinue reading “—at the sentence level”

The key to the lock is stuck on the back cover with an old sticky tape

seperti waktu kecil melihat catatan harian kakak sepupuyang tinggal bersama kami, asmatik, sayang, belum masanyafish-pose untuk mengembangkan bunga bunga di paru parunya,membaca tentang andika si jago elektronika yang memeluk puntak bisa, erik si dungu yang mungkin setia, batara yang sama sekalitidak seperti namanya, ya, seperti itu, semacam keringatan yang tertundatersendat di kuduk saja, semacam tangisContinue reading “The key to the lock is stuck on the back cover with an old sticky tape”

C’est pour toi!, golden child of the corn!

i guess in the corn fields of yr dreams there are blackbirds and scarecrows made of cast-off GAP overalls do you think if you quit trying to stay in just the one hut you will hold the blackbirds in the palm of your hands and yr scarecrows will be retrofitted in dior homme S/S 2009?