speak, kate spade

in the new display window* of the kate spade store in plaza indonesia

theres a nice hardback copy of nabokovs speak, memory

its a great book to read when youre just starting out

to write to read yr way into


after a while though i think

hes just mean

all those jibes about his english governesss double chin

the not-believing-in-anything except in a kind of permanent sulkiness towards

life snow aristocracy velvet gloves that fit perfectly

why didnt he say anything about what he really felt when he saw his papa getting beheaded?

maybe he didnt see his papa getting beheaded

maybe his papa didnt get beheaded

still its an ‘autobiography revisited’

tell me something original

and new

<span style="font-style: italic;
“>*originally written sometime very early october 2007

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